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Benefits Of Olive Oil For Maag

Benefits Of Olive Oil For Ulcer - As we discussed earlier about the benefits of turmeric for ulcers , and for this occasion we will provide information about the benefits of olive oil to maag.Minyak diproleh olive oil is from olives which has the scientific name (Olea Europaea ). Olive oil is widely found in Mediterranean regions such as the Middle East Italy, Spain, Greece and other countries in the surrounding countries.

Benefits Of Olive Oil For Maag

A Spanish study recently revealed olive oil may help prevent and treat H. pylori infection, which is responsible for millions of cases of gastritis and peptic ulcers every year. Initial laboratory tests showed an antioxidant compound found in olive oil has a role that is very effective against a number of patients with H. pylori bacteria, which infects the stomach lining.
The researchers say the results of this test is necessary to combine the olive oil into a healthy menu, so you can treat and prevent heartburn. The researchers said previous studies have shown that other natural products rich in antioxidants known as phenolic compounds - such as red wine, green tea, and cranberry juice - can inhibit the growth of H. pylori. But until now the antibacterial properties of olive oil have not been evaluated.
They say olive oil is unique because it is one of the very few edible vegetable oil with a high phenolic content.

Benefits Of Olive Oil For Maag

In a study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, researchers used laboratory experiments to simulate the conditions found in the human stomach to evaluate the ability of olive oil to fight the bacteria H. pylori.
Researcher Conception Romero and colleagues from the University Hospital of Valme, in Seville, Spain, found that healthy phenolic compounds in olive oil remain stable for hours in simulated acidic conditions of the stomach.
This phenolic compound also has a strong antibacterial effect. Results of laboratory studies showed olive oil phenolic compounds that are effective against eight strains of H. pylori, including three that are resistant to multiple antibiotics. Therefore, for patients with ulcer disease turns you add a healthy diet olive oil is very good in dealing with your ulcer.
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Benefits Of Olive Oil For Maag

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